The 257 Names for Sugar

sugar names

There are quite a number of reasons that I may suggest patients dramatically reduce or even eliminate their intake of sugar. They may be following my Anti-Inflammatory Paleo Diet; they’re in the process of detoxing from mold, yeast overgrowth, or fungal infection; they’re looking for relief from symptoms of Leaky Gut; their thyroid, adrenals, and/or immune system need a break from blood sugar spikes and crashes; or we’ve identified an emotional connection to sugar that needs to be reset.

If you’re particularly interested in finding out more about the health effects and treatment of mold exposure, Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker, MD, has a lot of excellent resources on his website, Surviving Mold.

White Sugar is “Negative Nutrition”

I believe it’s best that everyone avoid white sugar almost all the time because it causes inflammation and contains very little nutrients. In fact, you can think of white sugar as negative nutrition because your body has to use vitamins and minerals from other sources to process it. For bodies that are in balance,  having small amounts of raw honey, grade B Maple syrup, Rapadura, and coconut sugar are just fine. Pairing natural sugars with healthy fats, like coconut oil, coconut butter, nuts, and butter can help buffer blood sugar spikes and improve absorption of the minerals found in these sweeteners. For those who need to be on a very low sugar or Candida Diet, a small amount of xylitol and/or stevia can be used occasionally.

Hidden Names of Sugar

You probably realize that eating dessert every night isn’t a good idea and that sugary drinks like sodas are best avoided for optimal health. But, do you know all the names under which sugar can hide? Below are the 257 names for sugar that Jennifer Cannon of Surviving Toxic Mold has put together. This list is exhaustive and certainly names every hidden name of sugar that I can think of.

Now that you know all the names for sugar, how many sources of sugar are you eating on a daily basis? When considering this question, remember that even fruit and treats like dates are sources of sugar. Many people tend to think of fruit as just a healthy choice. While fruits provide fiber, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, they are also full of sugar. Our ancestors ate them seasonally and as part of savory meals or as a dessert all on their own.

Next Steps…

After reading this list, do you suspect you might be a sugar-holic or at least are eating a bit too much? Try a one-week challenge of cutting out all sugar. Brushing your teeth or taking a short walk after meals will help curb post-meal cravings. Try a handful of toasted cashews if you have between-meal cravings. By the end of the week, you are sure to have reduced food cravings and more even blood sugar. Even blood sugar often results in more stable energy and mood. Your skin color and quality are likely to be more balanced as well. Another plus… you will be well on your way to resetting your taste buds to find the sweetness of fruits and other natural sugars to be completely delectable and satisfying.

sugar names

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