Interested in Transforming Your Health?

Are you ready for a new paradigm in medicine? Are you ready to leave behind 15-minute appointments that only address symptoms?  Are you ready for care that is truly individualized and keeps the big picture on the forefront?  If you are a resounding yes, please keep reading.

With over 15 years of healing experience, Dr. Enos has observed again and again that the committed people are the people who get better– not just on the surface with a symptom or two but in a meaningful and lasting way.  With the goal of encouraging commitment, and therefore more people achieving transformative results, Healing Roots Natural Medicine offers two Healing Commitment Packages for new patients rather than a pay per appointment system.  

Here is what people are saying about working with Dr. Enos:

“I love working with you.  I feel so thoroughly taken care of and love your approach.  The treatment plan is so well thought out and I can feel a real difference in my life.”

“Dr. Enos has changed my life.”

“I love ALL the work we’ve done together!”

“Dr. Enos has treated me and three family members.  We’ve been blessed with her care and recommendations. I know firsthand that she can heal through a kind of magic.”

“Thank you for everything.  This has been worth every bit.”

“She is really changing, deeply, and I am so thankful for all you are teaching her and the guidance you have given her to help her heal and feel better.” (Family member of a patient.)

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