Hemochromatosis is a genetic disease caused by a mutation in the HFE gene. It is the most common autosomal recessive mutation. It affects 1 in 300-500 individuals. The mutation allows the body to absorb excess amounts of iron which results in iron overload.

Natural Treatment for Hemochromatosis

Why does excess iron matter?

Excess iron in the body causes oxidation. Oxidation is similar to the reaction that our climate creates when it interacts with metals to cause rusting. Just like rusting causes damage to the metal, iron oxidation in the body causes damage. This leds to fatigue, joint pain, and organ damage (liver, heart, pancreas, etc.).

What are my treatment options?

The primary treatment of hemochromatosis is PHLEBOTOMY. However, there are many other natural treatments for hemochromatosis that will limit your iron absorption, reduce frequency of plebotomies, and minimize the oxidation of iron.

Natural treatment for hemochromatosis

Firstly, natural treatment starts with you understanding your diagnosis. And how your mutation affect you.

Secondly, we teach you how to pair your meals with iron reducing food. This help you daily to minimize dietary iron intake. This is key to reducing the frequency of phlebotomies. Our e-guide can get you started with basic dietary tips but we have so many more secrets to share with you!

Thirdly, we address your symptoms directly to provide you with relief. We also provide you with specific individualized antioxidant support to reduce body wide oxidation.

Lastly, we do functional blood work to analyze overall health. This is a key part in preventing long term organ damage from iron overload.

Healing Roots Natural Medicine focuses on a well rounded approach to natural treatment to hemochromatosis by providing individual care that is empowering and proactive, leading you to long and healthy life with hemochromatosis.

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