Naturopath Doctor Natural Skin Denver ColoradoYour skin reflects your inner health and beauty. This has been said many times and is completely true!  Clear, healthy skin depends on a diet that nourishes it, healthy functioning of your inner organs, and proper external care. Dr. Enos is unique in offering support for all three of these crucial areas of skin health.

Your skin is what is referred to in Drainage Therapy as both a primary and secondary emunctory (or organ of elimination). As a primary emunctory your skin eliminates toxins through sweat. When other primary emunctories (the liver, gut, kidneys, and lungs) are overloaded, the skin acts as a secondary emunctory and has to process and eliminate these toxins. Acne, boils, psoriasis, seborrheic dermatitis, and adult eczema are all examples of skin conditions that indicate under-functioning inner organs. In childhood eczema, the barriers of the body, particularly the lining of the gut, often need treatment.  Treating the primary emunctories is the first step in treating most skin conditions.  If these are not opened up before treatment begins, the condition often worsens.

Supportive food choices are also important to radiant skin. Inflammatory foods can trigger or worsen rosacea, gluten can cause rashes or itchy skin and food allergies can contribute to eczema and even those dark under-eye circles. The tone and moisture of your skin also reflects the foods you eat, healthy fats being particularly important.

Dr. Erika Enos, ND, a registered Naturopathic Doctor in the state of Colorado, provides personalized nutritional information to support each patient. It is also important to learn what topical products are non-toxic while still giving great results, and she educates her patients on this as well.

Take the first step in achieving the beautiful skin you deserve by making an appointment today.