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Whether you have been diagnosed with Crohn’s, IBS or GERD, or you are experiencing digestive symptoms without a diagnosis, Dr. Erika Enos, ND, a registered Naturopathic Doctor in the state of Colorado, has effective, natural solutions to restore your digestive tract to health.

The health of your gastrointestinal tract (GI or gut) greatly affects your health on every level. Did you know that your gut is home to 80% of your immune system? Did you know that it has been called the second brain and that it produces a large amount of your body’s serotonin? Serotonin regulates mood, appetite and sleep and is involved in cognitive functions such as memory. The lining of your gut serves as a protective barrier between you and the outer world. A healthy gut is able to keep toxins from being absorbed into your body.

Your gut’s health determines how well you absorb essential nutrients needed by every cell in your body. Many conditions not thought of as GI issues can benefit from addressing the gut. These include arthritis, psoriasis, eczema, acne, allergies, asthma, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, and endometriosis. In fact, most chronic disease benefits from addressing the gut, although it is not always the whole story.

While every case is individual and Dr. Enos’ approach honors this, there are some common steps to addressing GI issues:

  1. Education on how and why to eat nutrient-dense foods and eliminate processed foods.  The ideal eating plan for you is individualized according to your constitution and stage in life.  Micronutrient testing and a functional nutritional physical can be helpful in determining your needs.
  2. Temporary elimination of certain foods that may be compromising your health.  Allergy testing and elimination diets can be helpful starting points. Working together over time, your GI will be healthy enough to enjoy a wide range of real foods.
  3. Establishing eating habits that support proper digestive function.
  4. Healing the lining: gut repair and establishing healthy gut flora.
  5. Nourish and correct the action of the organs of digestion: liver, stomach, pancreas, and colon.
  6. Addressing your body’s predisposition, or miasm, for reacting in a certain pattern to imbalances. All diseases are a sign of imbalance in the body.

For better digestion and overall health and vitality, make an appointment today.

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