Promotions and Events

Promotions & Events

Summer 2017 Promotions

Craniosacral Package:
3 one hour sessions for $210. Sessions are regularly $90.

What is craniosacral therapy (CST)? CST is a very gentle hands-on method of improving health and function. The patient lies fully clothed on the treatment table and the therapist (or in this case, the doctor), uses very light touch (think a cross between an extremely light massage and reiki). Although there is an impact on bones, muscles and soft tissues, CST really works primarily on the nervous system. Many symptoms and diseases are mediated by the nervous system, so CST can be a wonderful healing adjunct to almost any treatment protocol. It can be used for specific conditions but also for simple relaxation and as preventive care. Dr. Enos has been trained in both Biodynamic Craniosacral and, recently, the Upledger Technique.

What conditions is it recommended for? The conditions are almost limitless as the work involves listening to and working with your body’s inner wisdom. Here are some specific suggestions: autoimmune conditions; disease of the nervous system; anxiety and stress; chronic musculoskeletal issues, including TMJ; and chronic fatigue.

Packages are good through October 1, 2017
Cost for the full package is collected at the first appointment
New, current, and past patients are all welcome
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Nutritional Physical and Organ System Analysis:
Questionnaire evaluation, physical, review of findings and recommendations are all included for $130. This is a $200 value.

What is a Nutritional Physical and Organ System Analysis? This involves all the components of a standard physical (skipping sensitive male and female exams) as well some special functional assessments and nutritional observations that you will only get from an ND. You will also fill out a 10-minute questionnaire prior to the appointment and complete an optional 3-7 day diet diary to put findings of the physical in context. The NPOSA will help highlight where your body needs some extra attention to prevent chronic disease and future issues. Your digestive system, adrenals, thyroid, kidney, bladder, cardiovascular system and immune system will be considered. It can also help determine vitamin, mineral and EFA need as a well as your systems ability to handle sugar. You will leave the office with a synopsis of the findings, suggestions for diet and lifestyle changes, recommendations for further testing you might want to consider and any appropriate supplement or remedy suggestions. The emphasis will be on food and habits over supplements. If any medicinary items carried in office are suggested, you will receive a 10% discount on any you purchase that day.

Summer 2017 price is good for appointments before October 1, 2017
After booking your appointment, you will receive an email with a questionnaire attached that should be returned 24 hours in advanced so that Dr. Enos can take time thoroughly evaluating this prior the to visit. It only takes 10 minutes to complete.
You are also invited to bring in a 3-7 day diet diary.
Only those who have had a new patient appointment with Dr. Enos in the past are eligible for this service.
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