Dr. Enos is not alone in claiming to treat the root cause of disease, but she is uniquely effective.  The techniques and tools she uses are described below, but a web page is no replacement for a live, in-depth explanation.  Please visit the Healing Roots Medicine events page or contact the clinic for information on upcoming talks or to schedule a complimentary 10-15 minute phone or in-person interview to help you understand how Dr. Enos’s approach applies to your personal case.

Naturopathic doctors train in a plethora of naturopathic and nature cure techniques, including, but certainly not limited to, herbal medicine, hydrotherapy, whole foods nutrition, nutraceuticals, and functional lab analysis. For more on the training of Naturopathic Doctors and their guiding principles, read Naturopathic Doctors.

Biotherapeutic Drainage is a guiding philosophy and approach to treatment; it is not a procedure, technique, or specific product brand. Drainage is also known as Biological Medicine or simply Drainage. Under this approach, an issue with  the body’s emunctories (or routes of elimination) is considered one of the main root causes of disease. There are many ways these routes can become inefficient including genetics, events in childhood, and current lifestyle and circumstances. Drainage does more than simply address symptoms, it is capable of truly getting at the root cause of an issue, of changing the efficiency and function of cells and organs, and of addressing predispositions. It can address physical as well as mental/emotional issues. Dr. Enos has personally seen it make a profound difference in many people’s lives. It helps them to restore their bodies and minds to good health so that they have the opportunity to be themselves in the world.

There are many different types of remedies used under the Drainage approach, the most commonly used are Unda Numbers, oligoelements/gammadyns, gemmotherapy, and single homeopathics.

Unda Numbers are combinations of plants and metals in homeopathic dilution. They help the body reopen its routes of elimination (a.k.a., the emunctories: liver, colon, lungs, skin, kidneys, sinuses, vaginal tract, etc.). One way that they accomplish this is by resetting enzyme systems in the body and clearing away waste that may be surrounding cells, preventing them from functioning normally. Unda Numbers restore proper biochemical function and physiology. This is very different from pharmaceuticals and nutritional supplements, which can never restore normal biochemistry in the body; for the most part, those substances try to counteract or make up for imbalances in biochemistry and physiology rather than fixing the problem. Unda Numbers are not the same thing as a cleanse; they work though a different route than herbs and on a much deeper level than your standard cleansing/detox supplements. Cleansing is useful: it is like picking up the house. Drainage and Unda Numbers are like a super deep, spring cleaning where you repair and refinish inner structures. They are extremely safe, non-toxic, and can be used safely in conjunction with pharmaceuticals.

Unda Numbers were created over 60 years ago by a French man named Georges Discri. They are high-quality substances produced under strictly regulated circumstances in Belgium. The herbs from which they are made are  either biodynamically farmed or wildcrafted. Unda is renowned for using high quality ingredients and manufacturing exceptional products.

Anthroposophic medicine is a holistic and human-centered approach to medicine. It recognizes and uses modern medicine’s vast information and rigorous methodology. Then it goes further, adding knowledge of the laws of the living organism, the psyche, and the spirit. This knowledge is derived from a spiritual scientific methodology, which expands on the conventional scientific method. It requires—besides the ongoing professional, personal, and moral development required of every true physician—an active meditative life. This inner activity leads to a deepened capacity for apprehending the whole human being. Such a meditative journey is outlined by Rudolf Steiner.

The result is an integrated image of the whole human being in illness and health. This makes possible a holistic but also rational approach to physiology, pathology, and therapy.

Other fruits of the anthroposophic movement with which you may be more familiar include biodynamic farming and Waldorf education.

Cranial sacral therapy is an extremely gentle hands-on therapy that helps the body relax into a very deep state allowing it to make internal adjustments and to heal. It is useful for both physical and mental/emotional conditions.

Nasal specifics is a manual therapy used to address chronic or acute sinus congestion, snoring, allergies, sleep apnea, and some types of headaches. It involves a noninvasive, quick, efficient opening and realigning of the boney structures of the nose and nasal passages. The technique is very simple but extremely successful. It has best effect when performed in a series and often in conjunction with the healing approaches described above (since the technique addresses physical structure which can be just one component of sinus issues, allergies, sleep apnea, etc.).